Monday, 9 June 2008

GTA's Second Single

GTA, of Oxford, are soon to release their second single, the title track from their pending album, 'The Way'. At the moment, you can hear a snippet at their myspace page or if you are lucky enough to be a student at Birmingham University (where Chima Anya studied), you can catch them live tomorrow (10.6.08) at Valefest (as well as The Anomalies).

Back to the lecture at hand: 'The Way' is a powerfully built juggernaut that many a MC would kill to spit over. The bass pounds, the horns riff, the lady sings with all her might and Ineff and Chima fully enjoy riding the production with some triumphant, 'We're the bomb!', type of raps. 'The Way' will leave you feeling up for it (whatever it may be); it's got a real motivational feel to it. If they do a video it should have a training for victory theme a la any film where the underdog works hard and comes out on top (see Rocky 4).

'The Way' will be out digitally later this month, watch this spot for news on where you can get your digital paws on that. And whilst your waiting, feast your lug holes on these:

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