Wednesday, 11 June 2008

My name is (beet) Hove (n)...H to the O V

Did you know that...

"Beethoven's Ninth Symphony may... have influenced the development of the compact disc. Philips, the company that had started the work on the new audio format, originally planned for a CD to have a diameter of 11.5 cm, while Sony planned a 10 cm diameter needed for one hour of music. However, according to a Philips website, Norio Ohga insisted in 1979 that the CD be able to contain a complete performance of the Ninth Symphony:

'The longest known performance lasted 74 minutes. This was a mono recording made during the Bayreuther Festspiele in 1951 and conducted by Wilhelm Furtwängler. This therefore became the playing time of a CD. A diameter of 12 centimeters was required for this playing time.'"

Thanks to Wikipedia for that gem and now enjoy Walter Murphy's (Irish by name, funky by nature) disco interpretation of Beethoven's Fifth - 'A Fifth of Beethoven'.

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