Thursday, 26 June 2008

Last Summer Pt. 2

So, even though it's bucketing it down here, I continue to post up summery sounding tunes in the hope that the sun will soon return.

Many moons ago there was an English band called The Kinks and they made many a jangly guitar song with happy vibes and entertaining lyrics. One such track is 'Sunny Afternoon', a song with a moral - you can have lost everything you own but with a sunny day you can be content with the loss. This is a childhood favourite, particularly the line that goes "I've got a BIG FAT Mama, tryin' to break me".

OMC were a one-hit wonder. Their hit was 'How Bizarre' and I can remember the summer this reminds me of. We were on holiday and some older boys at the pool had a stack of CD singles and personal CD player with some mini speakers and they were playing this. It had been all over the radio too and it was a big song, it was at number one in a few countries. Its got horns, which makes it summertastic and it's kinda got a pacific feel to it.

'Blackpool Roll' is by the man, the legend; Mr Scruff. It's pure audio cheekiness and is a perfect accompaniment for almost any summertime activity, including going to Blackpool. It's hard to say a lot about this, if you know Mr Scruff you know what to expect, if you don't, expect great beats with personality and instant loveability.

The Insyderz are a Christian Ska-Punk band from the US. They made this track called 'Paradise' which is basically about heaven but it doubles up, yeah you guessed right, as a brilliant summer track...again, it's those horns and happy-time vibes.

What would summer be without 2Pac and 'California Love'? It would be nothing.Nil.Nada. In August, you have got to bump this and pretend that you too are fresh out of jail and that you can hear hoochies screaming. A song about one locality with world wide appeal is hard to achieve but that bald-headed thug from Cali did it with the help of Troutman and a vocoder and a bomb-ass beat from Dre.

OK. That's the next five, hope you're building up your collection, you will NEED this CD this summer.

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