Monday, 30 June 2008

Reain - 'The Metaphorcast' Album Review

Reain thinks that rain (the wet stuff) is refreshing, I think it’s depressing. Thankfully Reain (the artist AKA Wha’s His Face) is not depressing. Here are 5 reasons why he is as invigorating as rainfall in the Sahara:

1)…and I beg your pardon for this being the first point, ‘Metaphorcast’ is less than 40 minutes long! Eleven, carefully selected tracks is enough for Reain to get his point across - other artists take note. Be more meticulous in your track selection, weed out the worst ones; they give a bad impression!

2) He leads by example. Not only does Reain not rap about the usual materialistic type stuff, he also doesn’t complain about people who do. ‘M.O.N.E.Y’ is the closest he comes to discussing the attitude of others to the green paper but it’s more a call to value the less money-orientated things in life. The rest of the tracks are just him doing his thing; showing other MC’s what it should be like.

3) His tracks are well varied. ‘The Rap Game’, compares Rap to computer games and at the same time name drops a ton of UK artists – a dual concept track. The production is on a soulful, head-nod, boom-bap, if-it-aint-broke-don’t-fix-it tip. ‘Dear Diary’ featuring Precise serves as an insight into the day-to-day thoughts, feelings and experiences of the MC’s. It’s an honest, personal track that many Rap fans will easily relate to. The production provokes thought and complements the lyrical content perfectly. ‘Carnival’, also featuring Precise, is a super-funky, fun-laden powerhouse that incorporates witty tag teamed lyrics. It’s all about a lad’s night out on the pull and is surprisingly tasteful!

4) He is covertly different. As a very well seasoned battle rapper (under the moniker ‘Wha’s His Face’), Reain does a good line in put downs and is very quick witted – just check his Jump Off battles. Somehow he has managed to channel this talent in to music as far removed from battle rapping as shopping for a pet rabbit is. ‘Beauty’, is well, beautiful. It reminds us to look beyond the ugliness of the world in order to see the goodness that is actually abundant on our planet. It’s not just the fact that his abilities are diverse that make him different – Reain has produced a body of work that is clearly Hip Hop, rooted in the classic NY sound but at the same time doesn’t feel like the same old, same old that us Hip Hop fans put up with usually. It may be in the production, the lyrics, the concepts, the delivery, the openness or a combination of any of these. Whatever his formula is, it works – it isn’t just the average Hip Hop CD.

5) ‘Metaphorcast’ is created for the enjoyment of the listener. The tracks are personal but carefully written, allowing the audience access to a peer rather than admitting them to stand in the presence of a deity. The accessibility makes it a pleasure to listen to. Although ‘Capital City’ spells out LONDON in the chorus (and you will be singing along to that, believe) it’s really just a track about YOUR place of residence and YOUR means of existence. Every track here is down to earth and real, I can’t think of anyone who lives a normal existence who couldn’t relate to Reain’s experiences.

Overall, this is one of the best CD’s I’ve listened to this year; it’s a joy to add this to my collection. This is purely good music. 'The Metaphorcast' is out on the 11th August (Mon Bidet) and you can already order it from a stack of places.

Certified Bangers: ‘The Rap Game’, ‘Carnival’ & ‘Capital City’
Top Lyric: ‘I bury a corpse in the same place that I bury the hatchet’, ‘I’ll spit an acapella rhyme on the beat that your heat skips’ & ‘I could say more than you if I performed a mime’ (Super Lyrical)

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