Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Last Summer pt.1 - Start Downloading now!

A great summer tune to start things of with is Ugly Duckling's 'A Little Samba'. This ridiculously over-the-top portion of mocking braggadocio always raises a smile, gets me dancing, rapping along and ultimately gets me into a summery mood. Even in the winter. It brings back that summer feeling even though I bought it in Iceland (the country, not the frozen food shop)!

'Summer Jam' by 'The Underdog Project' was on the CD last year because of my sister. She says it reminds her of a summer holiday with her friends to Ibiza and even though it is poptastically cheesy, grrrr, I can't help singing along and being bouyed by it. You know when it's really hot but there's a nice breeze? This song is exactly that.

Ahhhhh. Dodgy. Who remembers them? Indie-guitar-brit-pop at it's airy, youthful best. 'Staying Out For the Summer' is a brilliant tune, one that even in these days of Hip Hop obsession I love to play when the windows are down and the heat can be seen rising from the road.

'Daydreamin'' by Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott. The original would do but if you can have more Hip Hop micky taking then why not? Lupe's raps are funny; harranguing the rap star stereotype and Jill's vocals are lovely and soothing...you actually need to go and find some flowers to doze under after listening to this one.

One more for now...perhaps the most predicatable: 'Summertime' by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Even though NOTHING in this song represents any one of my summers ever, the tune and the feeling DOES. So that's why it's here. We can all dream about shining up our 64 and its rims, taking a ride down Sunset Blvd, picking up some honeys and then rolling to a BBQ can't we? 'Summer, Summer Time!'


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your taste is impeccable mate - right there with you on the summery-vibe tunes....I could bore you with many more....!