Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Certified Banger Presents 'On The Radar Volume 3' Coming Soon!

'On The Radar Volume 3' is on it's way, it's due to digitally drop on Monday 6th April. If you are a blogger or similar who wants to have it early to review just drop me an email and I'll let you know the secret link. If you just really want it and you won't be reviewing it but you will be passing it on to your friends, send me an email too! Check out the video promo to hear some of the tracks.

Guerilla links are going up right now at undisclosed locations on the web so if you really want it early, you can find it! (Clue: Check the tracklisting and find those artists on facebook and myspace)

1. On The Radar - Reain
2. Incredible ft. Ramson Badbonez - Krate Krusaders
3. The Siesta ft. Yosh - Vee Kay
4. Say Yeah - Joe Blow (prod. by Metabeats & cuts by Stagga)
5. I’m Gunna - Dialect
6. Grip - Delegates of Culture (prod. by Toe)
7. Fear The Future - Stylah (prod. by Jon Phonics)
8. Black Rhyme - Kasha (prod. by Vivid Imagery)
9. The Positive Pessimist - Jee4ce (prod. by Whys)
10. I See ft. Profisee - Capitol 1212
11. The British Are Coming - Mr. ShaoDow
12. Leafs - Cheif Wigz (prod. by Brutal Artistry)
13. Rise To The Top - Cyclonius
14. Cannibal Rights - Baron Samedi
15. Judgement Day ft. SonnyJim, Kosyne, R.C. & LKC – JC
16. Tomorrow’s World - Ozmosis (prod. by Miss Tofelees)
17. Manchester ft. Stoney - Pockets (prod. by Pro P)
18. Grown Man Music ft. Zoo Mark, Yosh & Slippa - Mr. Loop
19. When Planets Collide - Bane & Jonny Alpha (prod. by Brutal Artistry)
20. Phenomenal - E Hustle
21. Drugs Need Kids - JVF Clique

Check out the title track from Reain:


twistedloop1 said...

looking uber dope if i do say so myself!

denon said...

Managed to find it! One of the best compilations I've ever heard. I'm really feeling I’m Gunna by Dialect. Also Drugs Need Kids by JVF Clique is a class tune.

Nice one CB!

:) :)