Monday, 16 March 2009

On The Radar Artist Profile: MasterSystem

Name: MasterSystem

Age: Collectively? Too old

From: Edinburgh, Scotland and Lancaster, England. Edinbaster if you will.

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'See I Realise' feat. Anneke

Tell us the story behind the track: Well we got the beat from the Whys production machine, immediately heard the blatant ‘hesitation’ and ‘reservation’ samples and decided to make a tune about arrogant pigeons. This didn’t seem to be working so we decided to pen a more serious track that focused on the times when life seems to get the better of you, but you don’t let it, you kick its whining ass, get yourself back on track and hold your head high.

Record Label: We don’t have one at the moment, but we’re gonna need one for when the album drops in a couple of months, its gonna be heavy mate.

Who you roll with: Whys, Jee4ce, Ronin, Tori, Akira Kiteshi, our mums, the nines.

Favourite album(s): Favourite hip-hop albums would be 'Symptomatic of a Greater Ill' by Dark Mind and 'Nia' by Blackalicious

Describe your style in three words: United F**king Kingdom

Past/Present/Future projects: Tons of stuff. The MasterSystem album is being mastered and will drop soon, Fresh MC and Whys released ‘Monologues’ by their ICARUS side project last year ( and played live on Radio One, Whys is now dabbling in wonk mayhem and signed his Akira Kiteshi project to Black Acre last year. More to come on all fronts. Be ready.

Can't believe it?! You haven't downloaded the whole thing yet! 19 more tracks of UK Hip Hop? Do it!


Anonymous said...
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Mr Bananas said...

master system is a sick name! hold tight everyone that remembers it with built in alexx kidd!