Monday, 30 March 2009

Certified Changes

I'm faced with two options: close down Certified Banger or cut down on content.

I've chosen the latter. This thing takes time and way too much of my thinking time and I actually have a life and a wife to attend to as well so the blog is gonna have to take the hit. And as the CB team consists of me and me only there's no one to share the load.

But fear not. I hope to be able to cover as much stuff as ever before but again, I intend to slash my word count. It's the humongous pile of CDs for review that really takes the time and I want to give all the artists the exposure. So what I intend to do is at least post something about each album, sometimes I may write a mini review and sometimes I'll do a full review.

I'm also considering reemploying the Certified Banger rating system in order to give you all a snapshot idea of how good an album is (in my humble opinion).

I hope these changes don't mean you don't want to read or send me stuff for posting. I think it should make things more digestible for the readers and it should give more artists a chance to get featured - I hope you all agree.

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