Sunday, 1 March 2009

New Suspect Packages Show with Chester P!

New Suspect Packages show with Chester P as guest! It features Wordsmith, Salvo with Kashmere and Chester P, Asaviour, Ghost, Jyager, Two Fingers, Bradford's Dr. Crobe and loads more as usual. It also finishes off with a new beats section.

Also, read Disorda's post about illegal downloading and uploading and check out what some had to say about me below in the comments! (It's not all good, I mean why would anyone care what I thought?! It's a good point.)


Chris said...

Yo A!

After reading Anon's comments on Disorda's blog it makes you understand some guys need to think before they type!!!

I for one know you are putting in lots of hours for little reward or recognition and I can name dozens of people who appreciate your work not just us at LHHS.....

Sick Nick said...

I'm down with your blog too mate, writing about hip-hop gets heads talking about it for sure! Its the awareness element that helps the progression. I don't live in London so all my info is web based. If they read your blog, well it shows you got respect for hip-hop and the artist. peace!