Monday, 30 March 2009

'Non-Apologetix' ft. Manchild - Knew Jeru'slum (single review)

A change of review style here today. Instead of writing a new review I thought I’d let you know exactly what feedback I gave to Knew Jeru’slum about their new single ‘Non-Apologetix’:

Big bad beat (courtesy of Brutal Artistry), Public Enemy/Bomb Squad-ish but with that Eastern twist - it's a good look, reminds me of some the tracks off the latest Styly Cee/Cappo 12". Cuts in there too (from Andy H) - good to hear!

Title and subject matter is clever, playing on the two meanings of the word 'apologetics' - comes across well. I think you have actually managed not to compromise your message whilst still making it sound totally acceptable to every Hip Hop head - I just hope they listen exactly to what you're saying on the track and subsequent tracks.

Lyrics and rhymes wise - it's all good too, no whackness and the Manchild hookup is big! Mars ILL know how to keep things underground and hardcore for sure!

I’m totally feeling this track right now and it deserves some big support, go cop it on itunes – it’s out on Tuesday 31st March. Have a download of a 45 second snippet!

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