Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hip Hop Connection To Go Digital

Sad news from Disorda at Suspect Packages today:

"Gotta tip our caps to Hip Hop Connection magazine today, it looks like the news has finally leaked out that they will no longer be in print. Sadly another slice of Hip-Hop has been taken from us, they fully repped the culture for 20 years and for me personally who remembers buying the very first issue it's a sad loss. Big ups to the Andy Cowan and the whole team past and present for keeping it on the shelves for so long when others failed. The good news is that they will still live on in other forms: from April 7th it will become the world's first dedicated digital Hip-Hop magazine, available for download from"

Whilst the whole online thing will be cool, it doesn't beat a load of pieces of coloured paper stapled together that can go with you anywhere. It's a great loss as it is THE BEST Hip Hop magazine on the market.


Anonymous said...

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Solocypher said...

Fcuk that spam commenter!!

Damn shame HHC's gone down, still a bit shocked and pissed off!