Thursday, 12 March 2009

'Pivot Widdit' - Eslam Jawaad (single review)

One of the few club banger type dance inducing Hip Hop tracks I can actually get with is the new single from Eslam Jawaad – somehow he just does it a bit more credibly than most. Maybe it would have been more suitable about 4 years ago with its eastern strings but hopefully, it’ll steer folk away from all this modern R’n’B nonsense. The video also adds a tongue in cheek element to the whole track.

On the flip is the smooth Focus produced ‘Criminuhl’, an exploration of how someone of Arabian descent is made to feel in the anti-Middle Eastern West. Eslam flows bilingually on this pertinent track.

Pivot Widdit is out on Eslamaphobic and is available on March 23rd.

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