Monday, 2 March 2009

'Rescue Me' - Para (single review)

Para’s latest single on Breakin Bread is ‘Rescue Me’, an all out Hip Hop beat-tastic funk soul banger. It’s just a bit of a shame about the vocals (by Caitlin of Slo-Mo) –I’m not feeling them at all. Not to say that this shouldn’t have vocals, just that these are the wrong ones, they’re just a bit lacklustre compared to the calibre of the production – give me the instrumental.

The backside of this 7” is ‘High Speed Dubbing’, 3 minutes 39 of beats, cuts and breaks – a miniature DJ set designed purely for dancing and a taster for what the Breakin Bread collective can do live – excellent!

‘Rescue Me’ by Para is out on 2nd March as a 7” vinyl or a digital download from Breakin Bread.

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