Monday, 30 March 2009

'The A Loop Theory' - Asaviour & DJ IQ (album review)

‘The A Loop Theory’ is the Yin to ‘The Borrowed Ladder’s Yang. Asaviour’s earlier album almost saw him ‘do’ the UK Hip Hop thing and that’s out of his system he’s freed himself from the constraints of expectation and tradition. And let’s not forget DJ IQ, they’ve both spurred each other on to create something that doesn’t sound exactly like Hip Hop but that is outrageously Hip Hop – y’ know, how Roots Manuva does.

Synth basses and soaring violins sit side by side as the drums swing merrily with perilously little amount of quantization. With production styles like this IQ and Savvy have pretty much created something new in Hip Hop. Tracks like ‘Scientists of Sound’, ‘Uber Groovement’, ‘De Ja Vu’ and ‘Golden’ are more along the jazz line of things – akin to some of IQ’s older work. ‘Hustle and Hope’ which features Pride, Kyza and TB will please the grime fans whereas ‘Complicity’ featuring Kashmere is probably as close as this LP comes to traditional Hip Hop, despite its screaming guitar licks. This is next level stuff.

Lyrically Asaviour comes ridiculously correct and in his laid back manner he lays out visions of grandeur and authority. It’s all in his confidence: “S.A.V.V.Y? ‘Cause I have t’/ Fools can’t beat me now or thereafter/ Numerous master plans this bredder thinks faster” is how he opens ‘No Days Off’. Elsewhere certified spitters Sir Smurf Lil, Dubbledge and Verb T feature as well as the ones previously mentioned. Graziella and Thabo also lend their dulcet tones.

Whether you’re content with Hip Hop how it is or tired with where it’s got you need to get a copy of this album. Wherever you are in the world you need to be in tune to Asaviour and DJ IQ – no one does it like this. The album is our now on Saving Grace Music and can be bought at a good variety of music outlets.

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