Friday, 6 March 2009

'The Future' ft. The Game (Tricksta Remix) - Joe Budden (free download)

What do you do when you see one of the most talked about returns to rap effectively flops due to poor single choice? You remix it!

We're talking of course about Joe Budden's latest track 'The Future' featuring The Game. I'm not entirely sure Tricksta shares my dislike for the Fyu-Chur's pop panderings but he has done the honourable thing anway. He's done away with all those sweltering synths but has worked with the existing vocals to make this an altogether more enjoyable listening experience.


Anonymous said...

I'll stick to Fyu-chur's version. Its s chick song, not a love song. It's suppose to be fast, a song to dance to. the only one that has come close to remixing this track is DJ Balloon. He kept it fast with other mainstrem artists included in the track beside Joe. When yall gonna learn that Fyu-chur's master tape is not this version that's on the album. Joe and his studio mixing engineers perhaps Ken Lewis trashed his version and basically Fyu-chur doesn't claim this version. Ask Fyu-chur, ask Game, ask Amalgam,and I'll doubt if you will get an honest answer from Joe.

Certified Banger said...

I don't really care about the ins and outs of this sob story. The fact of the matter is, that song got released as it did and it's a bad track.

Fast? No-ones changed the tempo y'know? That's pretty simple to tell. It's a Justin Timberlake track, so yeah, it's a 'chick' track. I never said it was a love song.

There are better tracks on the album.

Anonymous said...

I know you don't care and it's not a sob story but the truth so there. But if it's such a flop why you remixing it then? Because it's different and no one thought of this but Fyu-chur. Your version sucks butt. I take the flop any day. If your version would had been chosen as the single the whole alum would have flop completely. Choosing this as the single didn't make the album fail, hell, the whole album is not getting any radio play. Your version stinks, that's the problem it still the same old sad, depress, makes you want to go to sleep beat. Besides there's more people that like the flop and still do where you been? The whole album sucks but this track. Church!!!

Certified Banger said...
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Certified Banger said...

"Choosing this as the single didn't make the album fail, hell, the whole album is not getting any radio play."

You contradict yourself in the same sentence! The album is not getting radio play (and you said that) because of the single. That's the way it works. That's why people release singles.

Keep the flop, someone's gotta like it but stand it up next to other songs you'd argue this passionately about and I'm sure it's not as good. I've not heard of anybody but you who likes the original.

"Because it's different and no one thought of this but Fyu-chur."

You contradict yourself again. I thought the outcome of this track is not how Fyu-Chur intended it? Also, this is not different, it's the same as every other R'n'B rapper's chart track at the moment.

Who are you anyway, Fyu-Chur?