Thursday, 5 March 2009

'Various Songs' - Dan Lambert (free download)

Hip Hop youngster Dan Lambert has lyrics beyond his years. He's just made a load of tracks and recorded ideas available for download. He had this to say:

"This 'mixtape' is a collection of songs I have been making over the last few months. All the beats I have used I have stolen, they're not mine - except 'Woops'. This is me doing what I enjoy doing most, making Hip Hop. Some of the songs aren't even full songs and some don't have concepts just verses. The whole thing is just an exercise. Some ideas are a bit played out and cliche and some of the beats are ridiculously over-used.

I plan to do a series of projects that are a lot more well thought out, and will involve a lot of my own beats. So keep an eye/ear out for that. What you've just downloaded is effectively an introduction to the series to come."

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