Thursday, 19 March 2009

'Nice Up The Function' ft. Roots Manuva - Mr. Scruff (single review)

“This is something called the Jus… the Jus Jus”: memorable lyrics from a time of delighting in finding Hip Hop in unexpected places. Well, Mr. Scruff and UK Hip Hop’s biggest and most maverick figure Roots Manuva have got together again for the stonking single ‘Nice Up The Function’. Taken from last year’s ‘Ninja Tuna’ album, a more leftfield record than Scruff ever made before, this glitchy dancehall was a stand out track.

Coming like sonic ADHD, Scruff and Manuva make music fit for an asylum. Or at least a padded room. Roots spits his usual sporadic insights that make you wonder just where he gets his ideas from. The remix is a little more fluid due to its bumbling bassline and conga rhythms – it’s possibly the better version.

The package also features Scruff’s fellow Mancunians (OK, Stockport is pretty much Manchester) Broke ‘n’ English on ‘Listen Up!’. Lyrics like “I used hate going to school on Mondays//’cause the teacher made us do PE in our undies” are just a warning of the Northern fun to be had here.

‘Nice Up The Function’ is out on 12" on 06/04/09 on Ninja Tune.

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