Tuesday, 26 May 2009

'Alpha' ft. MC Kombo - The Earlyman (single review)

Nah! A non-conformist, pretty leftfield UK Hip Hop production is actually heavy? Yeah! The Early Man has what you need regardless of whether that description appeals to you or not.

Edmund Cavill is the guy behind The Earlyman and late 90's soul/indie/Hip Hop outfit Spacek and he's readying the release of 'Lola Una', his debut LP under his new guise. The album features Mr Ti2bs as well as Infinite Livez and Foreign Beggars (who feature on this release's B-side 'Slinky') and MC Kombo who raps on the A-side 'Alpha'.

'Alpha' is all about the rapper's brother's alcohol and narcotic abuse and deteriorating mental health - not normal subject matter for a banger but it works at the same time as highlighting an important problem in our society.

'Alpha' is out now on Stopstart Recordings and can be bought here. Click here to hear more music from The Earlyman.

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