Friday, 22 May 2009

Wu-Tang Clan 'Black Trumps'

Whadya think? Wu-Tang Clan Top Trumps cards (also known as Trading Cards in the US) - called, of course, 'Black Trumps'. I knocked up a mock up of how Method Man's might look like - categories subject to change. Your suggestions are welcome!

The pack would include all 9 Wu members and, to make up numbers and to make a good game, as many of the Wu-affiliates as possible such as Bronze Nazareth, Killah Priest and Sunz of Man.

Now, how can I go about copywriting my idea?! (Aside from the fact I've just posted it on here?) Actually, someone's probably had this idea already!


S.Pickens said...

I want a pack!

Vern Pitt said...

How about 'number of aliases' as a category, there-by instantly turning Ghostface into the Ferrari F40 of my youth.