Wednesday, 6 May 2009

'The Late Nights and Early Mornings EP' - Dillijence & Billy Butler Yeats (free download)

I don't know alot about this other than Dillijence is the producer, Billy Butler Yeats is the rapper, they sold out of the CD so are now doing the download for free and the music is UK Hip Hop dopeness - laid back and full of reality.

Oh, and it came out 6 or 7 months back and Dillijence has got his debut solo production album coming out soon on RatDen Records which features some of the best MCs in the UK such as Ramson Badbonez, Lee Scott (of Children of the Damned), SonnyJim (EatGood Records), Farma G (Taskforce), Verb T (YNR), Fliptrix (RatDen Records), Contact Play (School Bully Records) and many more.

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