Wednesday, 27 May 2009

'Baptism of Fire' - Choong Family (pre-album review)

Choong Family's pre-album 'Baptism of Fire' was released on 25th May as a warm up for their 'Phoenix Rising' album which should be out in Autumn this year.

'Baptism of Fire' packs a fair few punches and the album kicks off with a volley of right hooks and jabs before calming into the Mike GLC featuring 'Solitude' and the smoochy 'Good Bye Girl' before exploding back into 'Skank Music' for some mean muggin' in the club type stuff.

The remix for the bombastic 'Adrenaline' (think The Thunderclaps' 'Judgement Day') features Wreth 32, Scorcher, Ghetto alongside 7 other MCs.

Choong Family bring some well crafted UK Street Hip Hop over sped-up soul sample production as well as on some more grimy beats on this pre-album. If you've ignored them thus far then you may just want to get to know, especially if you're a fan of artists like Klashnekoff and Kyza. You can buy it exclusively here.

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