Friday, 1 May 2009

'Live From The Kremlin' - Manny Moscow (free download)

Check this new UK Hip Hop heat from Manny Moscow. Clear and confident flows, a certain understated charisma and plain lyricism is the order of the day here on the Tricksta mixed 'Live From The Kremlin'.

Manny Moscow used to go by the name PQ or Pique and during this time he worked with the puppeteer of Zippy on his video for ‘Came To Do This’ - I'm willing to bet no other rappers can claim that!

Check Manny Moscow out too on the first 'On The Radar' with his track 'You Can't Tempt Me' which was originally released on a three track EP entitled ‘Three Piece Exkursion’. He has also featured on the UK Runnings releases ‘100% Exclusive’ and ‘Flying The Flag’.

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