Friday, 8 May 2009

Joker Starr Mix CD Coming Soon

If Joker Starr's track on YNR's 'Feeding Time At The Zoo' is anything to go by then his 'Northborough Estate Project' mix CD should be pretty good. But actually, we don't need to speculate - check out the snippets in the player below for a foretaste of what's to come next week.

Check out his website where you'll be able to get the CD when it drops. Also, keep up with him on his new blog.

Joker Starr has featured on 'On The Radar Vol. 2' and Tricksta's 'Digital Revolution Vol. 2' so if you've not got those yet, just follow the links. Click here for all other Joker Starr related stuff on Certified Banger.

Check out this track from the project: 'Road Man Tune' ft. Genesis Elijah:

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