Wednesday, 27 May 2009

'Superstar' - Slickmouth (album review)

From the UK’s Illset Records comes Slickmouth, probably the only born-in-London, moved to Nigeria, then to LA and now back in London MC that there is.

‘Superstar’ is full of big, well polished and radio-ready productions that thankfully don’t conform too much to current trends but are more in line with Kanye or Lupe’s best work. Some instrumentals are a little samey but out of 21 tracks everyone will find their favourites.

Lyrically Slickmouth has the ability to put things simply but skilfully. He raps cathartically about love and life and also doesn’t hesitate to rap egocentrically. Slickmouth raps positively, with little reference to the usual stereotypical Hip Hop themes. It seems to me there isn’t a shortage of the more romantically themed songs, obviously aiming for the female market there. As a male Hip Hop head, here are the tracks I feel both for production and the rapping: ‘Universal Soul Music’, ‘I’m Back’, ‘Don’t Be Mad’, ‘I Made It’, ‘Music’, ‘Never Give Up’ and the old skool, all hands on deck ‘1988 Allcast’.

I'm not sure where and when you can get it at the moment but will update this when I do.

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