Monday, 18 May 2009

Blast From The Past #1: 'Upwards' - Ty

This is one of the UK Hip Hop albums that really got me into the genre, it was released in 2003 so you can see I've not been a fan for a long time. This ended my courtship with Hip Hop in general and began my immersion into UK Rap. 'Upwards' isn't really representative of UK Hip Hop as a whole - probably the reason why I still look for the bright side of things when it comes to British Rap.

The LP kicks off with "Woy... Oh. My. Goodness." on the awesome 'Ha Ha' and just before it closes (on the version with the bonus tracks anyway) the revoxed version of 'So U Want Morre' featuring Roots Manuva (a lovely combination) provides quotable after quotable. Another stand out track is the Joker Starr produced 'Hot Spice' - seriously this album has too many good moments to mention!

If you've not heard this album then get to it - you can pick it up nice and cheaply now.

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