Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Blast From The Past #2: 'Higher Forces' - Phi-Life Cypher

After buying the 12" of 'Rap It Up' almost by chance (but on the strength of the name and the fact that Task Force featured on it) I saw 'Higher Forces' in my local HMV (probably) and snapped it up - and instantly loved it. This was another album, again from 2003, that really drew me into the world of UK Hip Hop.

Most people don't consider this Phi-Life Cypher's best work, and some purists don't like American Skit Slam's contributions. But I love it, and I might not be blogging today without it.

Definite favourites for me are 'Rap It Up' (which featured on one of the first mixtapes I recorded) and the Moody Blues sampling 'Free' (bound to get you singing soulfully). 'Higher Forces' is still available to buy and I'd recommend you add this to your collection, as I will with all releases in the Blast From The Past series.

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Solocypher said...

Yes indeed this is a dope album, I quite liked Skit Slam stepping in and liked his recent stuff with Cymarshall Law. Phi Life Cipher one of the heaviest rap groups I've seen, regardless of nationality...they rocked the Medicine Bar in Brum a few years back that only KRS also ripped as hard. Still reckon Millenium Metaphores is slightly better than this but that's cos its one of the first hip hop albums I bought.