Wednesday, 27 May 2009

'They Don't Know' - J Simple (single review)

Vulcanologists have today revealed that West Yorkshire is a hot spot for volcanic Hip Hop activity. The current focus point is said to be Huddersfield’s underground rap scene. Unusual activity has been observed of late with both Jack Flash and Asaviour erupting with devastating effects. Historically it was this Northern town that saw things heating up for UK Hip Hop hero Jehst.

Latest reports show that the most recent movements are coming from J-Simple who can often be seen raining down fire with Jack Flash. J-Simple’s debut single ‘They Don’t Know’ should see him explode onto the scene with its molten Apa-Tight beat, his own pyroclastic flows and Thabo’s ashy tones on the chorus. With Jack Flash’s jazzy remix luring you into a false sense of security, be sure you heed the warning signs.

The B-side ‘Breath Control’ features Leeds MC Chief Wiggum and Jack Flash – sonically it’s like the darkness that follows the destruction, lyrically the three MCs make this concept track air tight over the Brutal Artistry production.

‘Even though you may not know now, you soon will. ‘They Don’t Know’ is available on itunes now on the Klinik label, it’s packaged up with the instrumental, radio version, the Jack Flash remix and ‘Breath Control. Check the video at youtube. Listen to 'They Don't Know' now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

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