Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Free U-God, Ghostface, Redman, Method Man, Kid Hum, Braille, Mos Def, The Game

Here are few tracks borrowed from other blogs that I'm feeling. They're all from the US so enjoy this brief excursion from my usual fare:

I'm ready for new Wu-Tang type stuff so this U-God track with Ghostface comes at a good time: 'Train Tussle'. 'Blackout' was and is one of my favourite albums so I'm looking forward to 'Blackout 2'. Red and Meth seem to have let a few tracks go including 'How 'Bout That' which I'm feeling lots.

Kid Hum has just put out a free album called 'Offshore Drilling' and this track with Braille is a good un - I really like Braille for his honesty and his general on track persona and the production suits him to a tee. The track is 'Thinking Shoes'.

I love a bit of Mos Def too so hearing his latest 'Casa Bey' was a treat for me. It's a fast paced and funky return to the game for this chap - reminds me a bit of 'Universal Magnetic' - a good thing.

For some reason I can't resist The Game. And here is his latest track 'Bang Along' which is a real laid back joint on which he chats general reminiscences about the westside.


tomasz. said...

i read the title of this post in my Blogger feed and thought "holy shit, *all those guys* are in jail?!"

ha ha. cheers for the downloads.

Certified Banger said...

Haha, that's what I thought when I wrote it!