Monday, 25 May 2009

'Flow Man' - Chrome (EP review)

Now, a lot of modern rap songs claim to be reminiscent of the 90s when actually they aren't. Trust it to be a release that doesn't claim a likeness to the much-lauded golden era of Hip Hop that does really and truly sound like the 90s.

Chrome's 'Flow Man' EP has the the bounce that you could well imagine Das EFX rickedy-rocking their unique brand of lyricism over. So, it was bound to sound like the 90s when one track is Chrome's own remake of Organized Konfusion's 'Bring It On' (not on some X-Factor cover/Karaoke bar tip) but the title track and previously heard on a Sir Beanz OBE (he produced it) project 'Miles From Home' just make this the perfect throwback package.

Normally Chrome can be found rocking out with the Def Tex crew but if there's more solo stuff to come, I'll welcome it with open arms. 'Flow Man' is out now on Son Records and can be bought for 3 squid on CD or half the price on mp3.

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