Tuesday, 17 November 2009

'Careful On The Way Up' - Diversion Tactics (album review)

Authentic Hip Hop from the UK – don’t believe that? OK – Percee P and Tim Dog, two pioneering Bronx rappers, feature on this LP. Believe me now? Thought so. Need proof from the UK? UK legend Blade endorses this by lending an out-of-retirement verse – dopeness and total awesomeness in my books.

‘No Collaborations’ features no collaborations – with lyrics like “if you think this is about you, then this is about you” Chubby holds his own over the banging beat shaming you for ever needing big names to recommend ‘Careful On The Way Up’ to you. As well as Blade ‘Three Card Blag’ features back-on-the-rise D.Gritty – top tune.

When top quality producers Jazz T and Zygote aren’t doing their dusty thing, Tommy Koi is flipping some 80s-sounding cheese on ‘Return of the Ladies Man’ and The Last Skeptik is doing the honours on the neck snapping ‘Where I’m From?’ (on which Chubby discusses the roots of Hip Hop).

Previously heard tracks ‘Can’t Swim’ and ‘Back To School’ (produced by J-Zone) still sound aces as part of this small (35 minutes – just how I like it) but perfectly formed LP with won’t be released until January 11th 2010 on the Boot label.

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