Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Phoenix Da Icefire Interview

"Have you ever used the term vibe? ...what I do is listen to the vibe or vibration of the track and try to align myself with what I hear."

Having recently dropped his 'Baptism Under Fire' mixtape it was time that Certified Banger dusted off the old interviewing flex in order to get a few words from the man known only as Phoenix Da Icefire:

Certified Banger: Tell us about Phoenix Da Icefire - who is he?

Phoenix Da Icefire: The character I have created goes by the name of Phoenix Da Icefire, he is my alter ego, much more fierce and stronger than I show in my day to day life, I feel like I can do almost anything when I slip into the character of Phoenix.

I am also the other half of Higher Heights and was responsible for bringing out the ‘Anathema’ LP by Triple Darkness, I first featured on ‘High Fidelity’ (by M9) on a track called ‘Holy Water’ and a track that I have got for my album called ‘Mental Prisoners’. I put it on there so I could test the waters with the UK scene.

CB: You’ve just released your mixtape ‘Baptism Under Fire’. What else is on the way?

PDI: I’ve got an album coming called ‘Right Timing the Quantum Leap’, it features Kyza Smirnoff, Triple Darkness, 9 Planets, Jah Miracle, Midas Touch, Yasine and El Crisis.

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