Wednesday, 18 November 2009

'Rockin With The Best' - Precise Da Analyzer (free download)

Precise Da Analyzer (an MC who impressed me on the Rapsploitation Sessions compilation CD) is readying himself (and us) for the release of his LP by dropping this free to download single.

'Rockin With The Best' is the title track - some good solid Hip Hop with name drops ranging from Pete Docherty to KRS One to a range of history's best (or worse) dicatators - turns out Precise is rockin' with all of them!

'Analyze' be the B-side and Mr. Da Analyzer analyzes how good he is over the eastern-sounding beat. He also drops some more similies that refer to famous people.

LDNU Records are letting you have this for free so head to their website and say thank you in some way.

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