Thursday, 5 November 2009

'Unexpected Friends' - DOOM (review)

What’s there to say? One CD-shaped collection of DOOM’s bestest featurings and collaborations. These sorts of things, aimed at the fans, always seem a little redundant – you’ll probably have most of the tracks, but then it’s a DOOM release and you need it for your collection.

‘Unexpected Guests’ is a gathering of tracks that illustrate why DOOM gets these gigs – he sounds so good on guest verses! Commencing with the great ‘Rock Co. Kane Flow’ off of De La’s ‘The Grind Date’ (and produced by Jake One who crops up a few more times) the album brims with that real Hip Hop that is above all amazingly entertaining in the ‘I can’t believe he thinks of and says these things’ kind of a way.

I really enjoyed this mix CD and with Dilla beats, Wu-Tang verses and other appearances from folk like Kweli (who is back on point on ‘Fly That Knot’) it should make sense to you, the discerning Hip Hop head. Good stuff.

It’s out now on the Gold Dust label and is available at the places where you buy your Hip Hop.

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