Thursday, 5 November 2009

'Fallen On Def Ears' - Para (album review)

Funky and fresh in an old school way, Para’s album really delivers the goods – hopefully it will fall on many def ears and no deaf ears. Incredibly listenable, and with a diverse palette of influences, this LP should be some kind of benchmark for largely instrumental albums.

Blues, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Swing, Samba, Rock, Jazz – you name it, it’s there. ‘Birth of the Sun’ is an amazing amalgamation of a medieval trumpet riff and a funk bass line and rhythm, ‘The Hideaway’ will bring the carnival feeling to your living room during your winter’s hibernation and ‘D Blues in C’ is perfect as a turntablist’s salute to the blues – personal favourites but once you buy this, you’ll find your own because they’re all top notch.

‘Fallen On Def Ears’ is out on November 16th on the Breakin’ Bread label.

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