Saturday, 7 November 2009

'The Interview' - Funky DL (album review)

Funky DL must be the only UK MC who has been allowed to get away with an American accent – if you didn’t know he was British, his music would leave you none the wiser.

Listening to the album without the constant interview snippets (thankfully they’re their own tracks) is probably the way to go (although the interview bits do showcase his real British accent). With a real variety of subjects, things don’t get too boring. ‘1947’ has a great New York mobster concept, ‘So Sexy’ is his smooshy R’n’B jam (think LL Cool J in jiggy mode) and ‘Back Around The Old School’ is just a straight up reminiscing track about the good old days of Hip Hop.

Music-wise things are diverse too – Jazz shows up on the lovely ‘Dusty’ and the squelchy ‘The Morning’, Samba rhythms back up the Slick Rick-esque ‘The Party’ and then the usual Soul and Funk influences are all wrapped up in an easy listening Hip Hop experience. The album finishes off with ‘The London Convention’ – an awesome posse cut featuring MCD, Skinnyman, Blak Twang, ESP, TY, Phoebe One and Kwes.

‘The Interview’ is out now on BBE Records now.

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