Monday, 30 November 2009

'On The Radar Vol. 5' Available Now! (free download)

‘On The Radar Volume 5’ is the fifth and final in Certified Banger’s series of free-to-download compilations of up-and-coming UK Hip Hop. Since the first one dropped on 30th November 2008 the series has gone from strength to strength with over 80 tracks of British Rap music being given away for free and with the final instalment that total will be in excess of 100 tracks in the space of a year!

With some new faces joining some of our regular artists ‘OTR Vol. 5’ ensures that the series goes out on a high note – or with a bang. Remaining true to the original vision this volume seeks to showcase some of the newest talent in the UK alongside a few more of our established acts as well as those who have already begun to gain some recognition in this underground scene.

Once again the music comes from all over the country with representatives from Northumbria, Yorkshire, London, the Midlands and elsewhere providing their music free of charge for your listening pleasure!

Make sure you check the ‘comments’ section of each track’s tag for more information about the artists and the tracks. Keep your peelers on also for interviews, features and more free music from the artists involved. Remember that, without you, the listener, our scene cannot survive – if you’re feeling an artist find out how you can give them pounds in exchange for their music – support them with your cash, it can’t all be free!

1. Chima Anya - Drinks Up (produced by Raul Supreme)
2. Homeless Genius - Plug One ft. Eddie Skratch (produced by Miss Tofelees)
3. Missing People - Bradford to Leeds (produced by ExP)
4. Suus - Top 40 (produced by Pro P)
5. Dialect - Bucket of Spit (produced by A.D.S.)
6. Kirk Spencer - Clap Your Hands ft. Scorzayzee, Jah Digga, Tempa & Lee Ramsey
7. Kasha - Round and Round We Go (produced by Chris Lock)
8. DJ Roast - Trading Darts ft. Cyrus Malachi
9. Reps - Stepping Up (produced by OSTR)
10. C-Lone – Friends (produced by MCM)
11. Preest – Paranoid (produced by Arcitech)
12. Mr. Flex - Nothing To Prove ft. Sophie Rose (produced by Beat Butcha)
13. Delusionists - The Low (produced by Ben Black)
14. S.Kalibre - All Day (produced by Mike S)
15. Teef – Rush (produced by Errol Farquah)
16. Chief Wigz - Don’t Want Much ft. Proptic (produced by Brutal Artistry)
17. Amass Hegemony - Cinematic Visuals (produced by Illskilz)
18. Franko Fraize - Blood of the Earth (produced by DJ IC)
19. 30KB - My Vote (produced by Article10)
20. No-Change – Wonderful (produced by Mike D)
21. Illmystic - Life’s An Outing (produced by Risk)

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S.Pickens said...

I didn't realise this was the final instalment of OTR - or that there'd been five in just one year!

I've been enjoying Vol.5 and have been put on to people I'd never heard of before, which I guess is the point.

Dot on.