Saturday, 7 November 2009

'T.W.O.K.' - Spee 69 (mixtape review)

T.W.O.K. – Taken Without Konsent. For the duration of this mixtape Spee 69 (that's 6 9 not 69) raps stolen beats from the likes of Outkast, DJ Premier and Mr. J Medeiros.

This Yorkshire MC has truly got the flows required to gain respect from heads around the world – on beat, on point and just on it in general. Unlike some rappers, Spee 69’s thoughts and interests are ones you’ll actually want to pay attention to, making this mixtape a rare treat in a world of too many tracks and not enough variety.

The intro is one of the original beats one here (produced by Captain Nick) and it’s a big look – sounding like the score to a medieval war film it gives Spee the chance to let loose and come hard – a great way to start. ‘Lemonade’ produced by Jay Large (and one of the original ‘On The Radar’ tracks) still sounds dope, Profanity provides the beats for ‘Fiend.ish’ and ‘Hard Times’ and J.R. Hartley offers the jauntiest 30s sounding beat ever made for ‘Diagnosis Murder’ proving that it’s not just classic beats that make this mixtape so dope. The Krate Krusaders also bring Mexican spice with their production on ‘I Make Moves’.

Support real Hip Hop - buy ‘T.W.O.K.’ – simple as. It’ll be out very soon, check Spee’s myspace for more details.

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