Tuesday, 17 November 2009

'Thoughts Of The Nameless' - Defenders of Style (mixtape review)

With Big Band Swing samples, crunching and crashing drums and a crew of hungry Yorkshiremen on the mic ‘Thoughts of the Nameless’ is one of the properest releases you’ll hear this year.

With 100% original productions from Jack Danz, High Top, Prys and Mike D this hour long mixtape is as good as a full blown album. Prys, Jack Danz, Jay Snow aka Lip and Tongue Tied rap their way through the 15 full tracks with enough style and skill to remind even the biggest fan of N-Dubz what real Hip Hop is all about.

Title track ‘Thoughts of the Nameless’ stands out with it’s jaunty posturing and the laid back Jazz guitar of ‘Vision of Utopia’ combined with its lyricism make it a Northern classic. ‘Stronger’ is an ardent war cry influenced by the robbery of all their music making equipment complete with beats and lyrics – this set is a fine comeback from these setbacks. ‘Fight Club’ serves to prove they have not been left weakened. ‘Stealth Mission’ is a fine example of Jack Danz’s slight obsession with the aforementioned Big Band Swing samples.

Singer Chenai lends vocal beauty to the proceedings and associates Matter (who is one half of Verbal Contact with Prys) and Mr. Ris and Sir Plus (of Alphabetix) bring their verses to the table.

‘Thoughts Of The Nameless’ is out soon and will be available at the mighty Suspect Packages. Certified Banger says buy it. Disorda says buy it. So buy it.

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