Monday, 16 November 2009

Remembering Derek B

Today news that UK Hip Hop pioneer Derek B has died of a heart attack reached us. I'm not old enough (or that's my excuse) to be super-knowledgable on this legend but others are:

Check out DJ MK's tribute to him in which he lists why this DJ and MC was so great (such as "THE FIRST PERSON I EVER SAW IN UK HIP HOP TO HAVE A MOBILE PHONE AND A PORSCHE IN 1987".)

DJ Diablo pays his respect here, do their bit here and the football section of The Mirror remember him as being a co-writer of 'The Anfiled Rap'. In fact, search for 'RIP Derek B' and you'll find a whole host of heads sad to hear the news.

Thoughts and prayers go to his family.

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