Saturday, 7 November 2009

'Nothing 2 Declare' - Hustle Pandemic (EP review)

With ‘Intro’ being an actual introduction to the EP (in the form of a rapped flight announcement over a really hard but funky beat) things bode well for Hustle Pandemic’s ‘Nothing 2 Declare’ EP.

Hustle Pandemic is UK Hip Hop producer Mike S and US MC Sabotawj and together they make great Hip Hop – this project was apparently laid down in one night. Sabotawj is an extremely listenable rapper with a tight flow, an agreeable timbre and some excellent lyrics. Mike S provides 8 slabs of real Hip Hop beats, each with its own identity – these aren’t cookie cutter beats.

‘Core’ turns Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ into a haunting boom-bap beat over which Sabotawj, through the art of story-telling, warns of the dangers of a life of crime. ‘Not Yo Style’ features some real old skool drums destined to get necks snapping whilst Sabotawj drops some real sense about being oneself.

A couple of guests are brought along for the ride – ‘What’s Good’ features the UK’s S.Kalibre and the gruff Syndrome features on ‘Break’.

‘Nothing 2 Declare’ is a terrific EP and you can buy it now at Bandcamp – and you should.

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