Thursday, 5 November 2009

'Hot Peppa' - L J (EP review)

A double EP from 2 different artists – a kinda nice idea. L J and Frisco Fresh have joined forces to bring you ‘Hot Peppa’ and ‘Fresh as F**k’.

L J does his thing first with the ever-evolving guitar-led ‘Warming Up’ - a great rap track that would only benefit from a more vivacious and imaginative chorus. He closes his bit with the excellent (and also guitar-y) ‘Janglish Boy’ – the tale of how he moved from Jamaica to Britain. In between you get the dope Indian-flavoured ‘Pain Relief’ and the original (topic wise) and quite Nu-Metal ‘O.N.L.I.N.E.’ – a good first EP for sure.

Frisco Fresh then steps up to bring the ruckus and with ‘Tears In The Sky’ he brings that epic-ness last heard on ‘Judgement Day’ by The Thunderclaps. Frisco’s side is also musically diverse (bit of Jazz, bit of Grime) which keeps things engaging. ‘Deeper’ features a heartfelt Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque acoustic backdrop as Frisco laments his past. ‘No!’ features L J – both MCs get live on this hectic production.

The CD can be bought now here or you can get a digital download at Bandcamp.

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