Saturday, 11 April 2009

'Digital Revolution Vol. 2' - VA - Tricksta (free download)

On the second installment of 'Digital Revolution Tricksta has got together a great line up for his new internet-age-embracing free download. One of last years heroes M9 of Triple Darkness hosts and Ironbraydz, Stylah, Skandal, Kyza, Grit Grammar, Joker Starr, SonnyJim, 10Shott amongst others feature.

Interesting, and relieving (for me, because Tricksta is big in the game and knows what he's talking about whereas I'm guessing and hoping that I'm right) to see, a whole host of artists who I've featured on 'On The Radar' on there! These are the next men in this UK Rap thing - look out for them 'cause Tricksta says so (and for what it's worth, I do too)!

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