Wednesday, 9 December 2009

'Blast N Quit' - Quitters' Arcade

Whether you want to quit smoking or just like fun games that remind you of the 80s (considered by some to be the golden age of Hip Hop – me I prefer the decades on either side!) the Serious Quitters' Arcade website ( may provide you with some amount of time-killing amusement whilst you listen perhaps to ‘On The Radar Vol. 5’!

The website has been developed with the aim of raising awareness about seeking help and support from your doctor in order to quit smoking. Quitters' Arcade is the fun side of the charity QUIT who also run the website which advises a four step plan to quitting smoking. Are you a smoker who wants to quit? Do you know someone who wants to quit? Go to or point them towards these potentially life-saving websites for more information.

If you’ve not got a problem with your tobacco habits (or lack thereof) join in the inter-blog competition on ‘Blast N Quit’! Every blog’s best score is saved on the scoreboard available on – let’s be the blog with the highest score! Play the game here on Certified Banger or at the Quitters' Arcade where you can also play on the marvellously named ‘Bin Um’ and ‘Escape From Planet Smokey’! If you’re on Facebook, and let’s face it, who isn’t, you can play on ‘Blast N Quit’ there too (!

Disclaimer: is built to leverage awareness about seeking help and support from your doctor to quit smoking. If you wish to quit smoking, please seek professional medical advice.

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