Wednesday, 9 December 2009

'New Day' ft. Soweto Kinch/'It's The Manner' ft. Jehst - Chima Anya

Toddle over itunes right away to download Chima Anya's most excellent new single - that's an order. 'New Day' features the wonderful Soweto Kinch and 'It's The Manner' features the UK Hip Hop legend, Jehst.

Both tracks more than deserve your digital spinnage because they're both really quite dope. Chima injects his infectious personality into everything from the carefully chosen beat to his delivery, adlibs and rhymes - it's just not possible to be glum whilst listening to 'New Day'.

Mr. Anya (the guy who donated the equally good-time 'Drinks Up' to 'OTR Vol. 5') even manages to raise a bit of a smile on the usually quite sombre Jehst on the cheeky 'It's The Manner' (even though the song makes some serious observations).

Do something for yourself today - click here to go to itunes to buy these two tracks to brighten up your jour.

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