Monday, 21 December 2009

Bonafide Magazine Issue 3 Out Now!

"Bonafide is produced by people who care. It’s crafted outside of our 9-5s to create something that we’d like to read and know there are a loads of people out there who like it too. Our aim is simple; provide original coverage on where hip-hop has been, is at and where it’s heading. DaM FunK and co. are here to set our musical, artistic and fashion frequencies to 2010 and beyond.

In support of issue 03, exclusive images, interview tasters and one or two specials will be appearing online in the coming months. But with a diverse roll call of major league talent, why not head over to our online corner shop and see what the fuss is about by treating yourself to a copy?"

Make sure you do and all - you'll get to read my wonderful interview with Farma G!

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