Monday, 21 December 2009

Free Downloads from Gadget, TLG, Sandpeople, $amhill, Kelakovski and The P Brothers

Few free beats and pieces here for you today - call it an early Christmas present:

Gadget (or here), the man of many talents, comes through in his DaWordsmith guise and drops this little gem: 'War Stories (A Story To Tell pt2)'. If you're not familiar with his work then get to know, he's part of the Millennium Jazz Music clique who provide really dope, positive Hip Hop to a scene that really needs just that.

He's also hooked up with B'ham's TLG and Kelkovski on 'One Life'.

Sandpeople, out of the US, Portland to be precise, have jumped on El Michels Affair's version of 'Can It All Be So Simple?' to create what effectively is a Hip Hop cover version. They take cues from the original lyrics and bring their own, more laid back vibes to the Wu-Tang classic. New classic.

Also from the US, but over a UK beat is $amhill's 'Twisted Emotions' produced by The P Brothers.

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