Thursday, 3 December 2009

'On The Radar Vol. 5' Artist Profile - DJ Roast (+ free download)

Name: DJ Roast

Age: 29

From: London to Cornwall to Brighton to Australia to London now Bournemouth

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'Trading Darts' feat Cyrus Malachi

Tell us the story behind the track: I DJ for Phoenix Da Icefire, Triple Darkness and Orphans of Cush. Cyrus is the first guy I linked with from the cliques. Him and his daughter were at my yard and I played him the track. He said it reminded him of that battle rap boom bap ish and he said he had something for it. A week laterr it was laced. He’s my favourite MC in the UK alongside Phoenix right now.

Record label: Cuttin Fine Records (my label)

Who you roll with: Triple Darkness/Phoenix da Icefire/OOC/Triggs Vega

Favourite album: Pharcyde - 'Bizarre ride to the Pharcyde' or Diamond D - 'Stunts, Blunts 'n' Hip Hop'

Describe your style in three words: Funk, scratch, random.

Past/Present/Future projects: Phoenix da Icefire 'Baptism Under Fire', 'Cuttin It Fine' (debut album), a project with producer Cheebo and an EP with Triggs Vega and a mix-tape with M9 - look out 2010!

Download all of 'On The Radar Vol. 5' here and now!

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