Saturday, 5 December 2009

More Free UK Hip Hop from Krystatic, Nugget, DJ Slademan, Jeye Severe, Krate Krusaders, Elemental, Cross Bone T and Yogi & Shade 1

I found these two remixes on a forum but don’t know who is behind them. The remixes are of DJ MK’s ‘It’s All Live’ featuring Jehst and Supa T and the other is of Jehst’s Nightime Vultures’. If you are the producer or know who did these then let me know, thanks.

There’s a new MC on his way out of Wolverhampton. It’s Krystatic with his track ‘The Taste’ which is produced by Dezert Rhino. Apparently he “will make it with his music” and “you can do anything you set your mid to in this world” – not sure about that.

An MC named Nugget from Ireland got in touch with his track ‘8 Million Bars’. Nugget vents his Irish anger over a nice head nod beat. Thankfully there aren’t as many rhymes as the title suggests – that would just be too many!

British producer DJ Slademan has been working with US MC Big Test to bring you these two tracks: ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Be Patient’. Slademan has also been working with the UK’s Jeye Severe – the result being 'They Just Don't Know' (this track is labelled incorrectly as a Gensis Elijah track - don't ask me why!).

Jeye Severe has also been working with producer Chat One on their reggae influenced track ‘Money’ and this hectic beast of a tune for you – ‘Yes Blood’ – turn it up loud and get hype.

Another transatlantic collaboration that works well is the track Krate Krusaders have done with Dominique Larue – love beats like this - 'That Ain't My Style'.

‘Player Hater’ is a pretty funny track from Elemental about football – something I can totally relate to, being a non-football fan myself.

Cross Bone T’s latest track is ‘Say I Believe’. T’s conscious lyrics are a little less paranoid than on his last single as he brings a fairly positive message to his listeners.

Yogi and Shade 1 dropped this one via Twitter ( a very valuable resource for getting free music directly from the artists) - Puddycat. UK West Coast type stuff.

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emma said...

that jeye severe track "yes blood" is seriously genius