Friday, 4 December 2009

Skandal Interview

"...curb your ego, listen to criticism and take it on board, especially if its one of your peers or someone you rate."

Man of the moment Skandal has just dropped a mixtape which had the honour of being The Independent's album of the week. CB wanted to show support for an original 'On The Radar' artist so we got this interview done:

Certified Banger: What’s up Skandal? How are things with you?

Skandal: Things are s**t bruv - my macbook just died on me! Imma jump off a building in a minute, I may have lost near 3 years of work and rough songs.

CB: Man that's bad - hope you revive it, then you can get a PC and transfer all the files! You’ve just dropped your mixtape ‘Hunger Pains’ with the mighty DJ MK. How well is that being received?

S: It's doing really well, to be honest. I knew it was a solid release due to the work we put in but it's done well; it got album of the week in The Independent newspaper!

CB: High praise indeed! Tell us a bit about it – is it a collection of stuff you’ve been working on over a short or long period of time? Are there original beats or dubs? How would you describe its overall sound?

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