Saturday, 5 December 2009

CRS Studios Ready To Blow (free downloads)

Nottingham is about to blow again on the UK Hip Hop scene. CRS studios has been working overtime with a bunch of talented MCs who have muchos material ready to drop on your ears. I have some of said music to drop on yo domes right now:

First up is the excellent Scorzayzee freestyle of Dre’s ‘The Watcher’ – it’s Scorz on top form rapping all the way through with loads of chuckle inducing and seemingly effortless rhymes.

Then there’s Jah Digga (not to be confused with Busta’s one time right hand woman). He did a track for Black History Month which was back in Octber entitled ‘Black And Proud’. It’s produced by Kirk Spencer (as heard on ‘OTR Vol. 5’) and it sees Digga get live as he discusses slavery and other black history based topics. Not sure what he considers to be “modern day slavery” though.

Then there’s Jay Eye, a young MC with his track ‘Warning’ which is produced by Nick Stez.

There’s also a free EP from Miz Red which features 7 tracks of poppy R'n'Bish sing song type stuff.

Look out for more from the likes of the above MCs, Shifty and Tempa on the 'Travelling True Time' compilation CD (out soon). Check out their youtube account for loads of videos of them doing their thing.

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